Cookies using i3radio?
This website We use our own and third party cookies to generate statistical information. The navigation continues accepting its use. i3radio is on hosted at STRATO: STRATO AG stores the IP addresses of visitors to your website in so-called log files for Recognize and protect against attacks for up to seven days. i3radio does not save any data of payment, all payments with i3radio are made with the PayPal payment platform.

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What are cookies?
Cookies are files or devices for storage and retrieval of data that performs an essential role in the provision of many services. They facilitate the user's navigation and offer an ad based, sometimes, on navigation habits. These types of files are downloaded to the user's computer, smart phone, tablet or connected TV when accessing the pages i3radio website to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is carried out from said equipment.

How can you set your cookies?
By browsing and continuing on any of the i3radio websites, you agree to the use of the cookies in the conditions that appear in this Policy of cookies. Iradio gives access to This Cookies Policy at the time of registration for the user to be; informed, and without prejudice to the fact that the latter may exercise its right to block, eliminate and reject the use of Cookies at all times. Normally, it is possible to stop accepting Cookies from browser or stop accepting the Cookies of a particular Service. All browsers modern settings allow you to change the configuration of cookies. These configurations usually found in the 'Options' or 'Preferences' in the menu. of your browser. Here, there are links to information on how to activate your preferences in the main browsers:
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Privacy policy
i3radio collects personal information that you provide only for internal use. In no case, your information will be transferred to third parties. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, can access the base of data that contains your personal data and modify this information at any time, by contacting i3radio -